Poor TV Reception

Poor Digital TV Reception – Brisbane & SE Queensland

Poor TV reception in South Eastern Queensland is more common than many people realize. With the transition to digital many picture problems may occur that you have never had before especially if you have just purchased a new Digital Television or Digital Set-Top Box.

These problems are often caused by your old TV antenna system [Click Here for More]

In South East Queensland we have a number of complicating factors that will all have an effect on your Television signal and therefore the quality of your picture.

1. Remote & more Rural areas

Unfortunately the further away from the transmission tower you are the weaker the signal becomes. The basic rule of thumb is that if you live 50 km or less from a transmission tower then your signal strength should work pretty well providing there is nothing blocking your ‘line of sight’ to the transmission tower. Obviously the closer you are then mostly the better the signal and the better the picture quality.

2. “What you see is what you get”

LED TVFor the signal to remain strong there needs to be a clear line of sight between the television antenna on your roof and the transmission tower.  As you might well suspect if there are large trees, buildings or mountains surrounding your home then the line of sight will be blocked and therefore the quality of the signal your antenna receives is going to be reduced.

Bad weather, certain times of the day where there is lots of electrical can all play a part in interfering with the signal particularly if you live in a so called ‘black spots’.

3. The Age & Condition of the TV Antenna.

Statistics show that whilst we may only hang onto a television for 4-7 years most Australians only service or even consider upgrading their Television Antenna every 12 years. Take a look at some 12 year old photographs of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and you will very quickly see why many people have poor Digital TV Reception. In the past few years the introduction of the new Free-to-Air digital services has seen the average age of a television come down to 5 years of age. However that still leaves many  with the much older types still perched on the roof.

Having been installing TV antennas in the Brisbane and South East Queensland for over 25 years we know that in older homes often have far more issue than just an old antenna. Antenna Installation Brisbane South is more commonly to experience.

  • TV antennas can and do deteriorate,
  • Cabling for new Televisions is more critical to ensure the best signal reaches what is a very high resolution screen,
  • Changes in the local area e.g. new buildings and infrastructure,
  • Changes in the locations of transmission towers,
  • Changes to the television e.g. more stations.

4. What we look for when we do a Service call.

This is a really common cause of bad reception, especially if it’s suddenly become worse recently. So have a look at the following points and see if any apply to you:

  • Have extra TV points been added over the years?
  • Are you running more than one television off the single antenna?
  • Has the distance between your TV reception point and your antenna been increased over the years?
  • Is your TV antenna still pointing directly towards the signal tower?
  • Have you bought a new TV or upgraded to digital?
  • Do you have Old or ageing Cables in the walls or leading to the TV antenna?
  • Poor connections in any of the cabling or at the sockets in the walls?
  • Are the wall plates themselves faulty?


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