Television Signal Boosters

Multiple Digital televisions, signal boostersSIGNAL BOOSTERS/AMPLIFIERS

Areas which receive poor signal levels can benefit from the installation of a TV signal booster amplifier to improve digital reception.

We generally:

  • Install a professional mast-head TV amplifiers that are used in fixed positions,
  • Usually placed on the antenna pole and as close to the TV antenna as possible to reduce reception problems.

Those little grey boxes you see on some TV on some antenna installations are often TV amplifiers or boosters.

A standard antenna system can accommodate 3-4 TV outlets. However, with an amplifier 6+ TV points in the house may be installed. We stock 24db and 34db gain Amplifiers made by Kingray Australia. 

A good mast head signal boosters is one of the best ways to compensate for low signal in cases where signal is weak. We carry mast head TV signal amplifiers mainly from KINGRAY Australia, both 24db and 34db signal gain for problem installations. We can also install boosters for other types of video distribution systems, and  for distribution round a large MATV system with lots of outlets.

We install recommend Kingray Australian made amplifiers for perfect picture quality. Experience has showen that they work very well in the Brisbane area.

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